It is my desire to be received into the membership of the Temple Baptist Church of Greenup County, Kentucky. I cheerfully accept the Statement of Faith of this Church as recorded herein, and subscribe to the constitution and by-laws.
In assuming this membership, I agree to be loyal to the interests of this church, and see it's purity and prosperity, and to seek to do some definite Christian work. I shall be subject to the discipline of the church and contribute to its support and to other Christian activities as the Lord shall prosper me, following the teaching the Bible regarding Christian stewardship.
If at any time I find myself out of harmony with the practice of this church or if my conduct or belief is called into question, and the matter is taken up by the Official Board of the Church, I agree to submit the differences on Scriptural grounds outlined in Matthew 18:15-17, I hereby authorize said Board to drop my name from the membership roll of the Church.
Step #2 Review the Temple Baptist Constitution to determine your agreement
              with our Biblical stance and policies.
Step #3 Inform Pastor Pridemore of your desire to join.
Step #4 Meet with the deacons to determine your eligibility for membership:
--Salvation by grace through faith
                   --Baptism by immersion
                   --Agreement with Temple's constitution and covenant
Step #5 You will be presented to the congregation for a verbal affirmation.
Step #1 Read through the church covenant to determine if you can make this
              commitment to God and the church membership.