Temple Baptist Church Core Values Statement

Temple Baptist Church exists as an independent congregation for the purpose of ...

1. Declaring Biblical truth for godly living.
    A. Presenting God's truth in a practical manner.
   B. Directing individuals into a personal interaction with God's truth.
   C. Establishing accountability in doctrine and life.
2. Nurturing saints through loving relationships.
   A. Gathering regularly as God's family to develop unity.
   B. Developing relationships based on God's love.
   C. Involving members in caring for one another.
3. Involving believers in genuine worship.
   A. Helping individuals experience the wonder of God.
   B. Teaching the necessity of individual worship.
   C. Providing an atmosphere for corporate worship.
4. Reaching the lost with Christlike compassion.
   A. Establishing a church presence in the community.
   B. Maintaining individual and corporate contract with the lost.
   C. Helping believers become proficient in sharing the Gospel message.
5. Developing members for biblical leadership.
   A. Challenging individuals to aspire to the next level of spiritual growth.
   B. Providing practical learning opportunities to gain experience and wisdom.
   C. Equipping members to discern and develop their spiritual gifts in actual ministry situations.

Temple Baptist Church Purpose Statement:

"Maturing Members for Ministry"

Ministry takes place when Divine resources meet human needs through loving channels for the
                glory of God.

Members include those who have covenanted together to actively p
articipate in the ministry of
                God throughTemple Baptist Church.
Maturing involves progress toward Christlikeness evidenced  by character, knowledge, skill, 
                and relationships.